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ORIX Rentec Corporation is committed to building strong relationships of trust with our customers by leveraging ORIX Group’s integrated capabilities to provide high-quality services that address diverse customer needs.

To this end, ORIX Rentec makes sure to collect our customers’ personal information in an appropriate manner that complies with all laws, and to use, manage, and protect this information, as extremely important information assets, in accordance with the following.

In accordance with the stipulations in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, this document discloses the purpose of using personal information and explains how the information is handled.

The Purpose of Using Personal Information

All personal information ORIX Rentec holds may be used for the following purposes. ORIX Rentec will not use customers’ personal information for any purposes beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use without the consent of the customer.

  1. To handle, in an appropriate manner, any business discussions with a customer, such as an application from a customer, or proposal from ORIX Rentec to a customer, related to the company’s businesses, including but not limited to, equipment rentals, sales, and the provision of services (please refer to the company website [] for business details).
  2. To carry out examinations with respect to equipment rentals, sales, the provision of services, and other matters, or to make an appropriate judgment and response when identity verification of the customer is required.
  3. To appropriately administer any contract between the customer and ORIX Rentec. Also, to appropriately conduct administration that is necessary to respond to any inquiries, or is required by any applicable laws or regulations, even following expiration of a contract.
  4. To introduce the customer to ORIX Rentec, other ORIX Group companies, or any other company, or to introduce various products and services, through direct mail, e-mail or otherwise.
  5. To perform marketing analysis used to provide customers with better products and services, and otherwise better satisfy customers.
  6. To perform various administrative tasks necessary from a management perspective.
  7. For shared use with other ORIX Group companies.

If ORIX Rentec wishes to use personal information for any other purpose besides those discussed above, ORIX Rentec shall clarify the purpose of use, and obtain prior consent from the customer.

Shared Use of Personal Data

Under consolidated management, the ORIX Group leverages the Group’s integrated capabilities to meet the various needs of customers. To this end, ORIX Rentec may engage in the shared use of customers’ personal information with other Group companies, in accordance with the following.

  1. Shared Users
    ORIX Group Companies
    ORIX Corporation and companies subject to consolidated accounting and equity affiliation under ORIX Corporation in accordance with laws and regulations. Moreover, among these companies subject to shared use, some companies have "ORIX" in their company name, while some companies do not have "ORIX" in their company name. For details about companies subject to shared use that do not have "ORIX" in their company name, please refer to the list of shared users.
    *Companies subject to shared use may change.
  2. Purpose of Use by Shared Users
    Shared users use personal information for the following purposes:
    • (1) To conduct various administrative matters necessary from a management perspective, including grasping the situation concerning ORIX Rentec’s and ORIX Group’s claims, assets, and risks.
    • (2) To perform marketing analysis and product development aimed at providing better products and services to customers, and to better satisfy customers.
    • (3) Descriptions and proposals related to the products and services handled by ORIX Group companies, please refer to [Our Business] [].
  3. Personal Data Subject to Shared Use
    Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, credit-related information (items including a customer's assets, liabilities and other accounting matters, details of collateral, past payment records, other items used to judge a customer's payment ability, etc.), transaction information (type of transaction, transaction amount, balance, payment status, etc.), or other required information that falls within the scope of "2. Purpose of Use by Shared Users" above.
  4. Entity Responsible for Managing Personal Information
    ORIX Rentec Corporation
    Osaki Bright Core
    5-5-15 Kita Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001

Legal Compliance

ORIX Rentec recognizes the need for all executives and employees to understand and comply with laws and regulations, as well as other standards, concerning the handling of personal information, to ensure the protection and safety of personal information, and will make the utmost effort to do so.

Continuous Improvement of Compliance Program

ORIX Rentec will establish a compliance program, including items related to the handling of personal information, and regularly review this compliance program for the purpose of continual improvement.

Protection and Storage of Personal Information

ORIX Rentec has established internal regulations and each department handles personal information appropriately under the direction of a designated compliance supervisor when managing customers’ personal information. Utmost care is taken to ensure that information is not divulged to outside parties. An appropriate and rational level of security measures are in place to counter unlawful access from outside the company, loss, damage, tampering, and other risks.

Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling

To provide better service, ORIX Rentec may choose to outsource operations, and in such cases, all or some personal information may be shared with our outsourcing partners. ORIX Rentec has an established criteria used to carefully evaluate and select outsourcing partners to determine whether they have appropriate measures in place for handling personal information, maintaining confidentiality, restricting further outsourcing, and preventing the divulgence of customers’ personal information. Outsourcing partners are selected and managed in accordance with such evaluations.

Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

ORIX Rentec will not disclose or provide personal data it possesses to a third party without customer consent. However, in the following cases, personal data may be disclosed or provided without the customer's prior consent.

  1. If it is required by law.
  2. If the information is necessary to protect a human’s life, body, or assets (including corporate assets), and it is difficult to obtain the customer’s consent.
  3. If the information is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or promotion of the sound growth of children, and it is difficult to obtain the customer’s consent.
  4. If it is necessary for ORIX Rentec to cooperate with national institutions, local governments or their trustees, for them to perform administrative tasks stipulated by law, and when obtaining consent from the customer will hinder the execution of their tasks.

Notification of Purpose of Use, Disclosure, Revision, or Suspension of Use of Held Personal Data

  1. Notification of Purpose of Use of Personal Data
    A customer may ask ORIX Rentec to inform them of the purpose of use of their own personal data held by ORIX Rentec (hereinafter referred to as "held personal data.") When a customer has requested that ORIX Rentec inform them about the purpose of use of held personal data, ORIX Rentec shall respond appropriately without delay to said request in accordance with all laws and regulations.
  2. Disclosure of Held Personal Data
    A customer may request that ORIX Rentec disclose to them the personal data that ORIX Rentec possesses pertaining to them.

    If requested by a customer to disclose the held personnel data pertaining to them, ORIX Rentec shall respond appropriately without delay to said request in accordance with all laws and regulations.
  3. Revision of Held Personal Data
    If, based on the aforementioned request, there are any errors in the disclosed held personal data, a customer may request that ORIX Rentec revise, make additions, or deletions to the held personnel data (hereinafter referred to as “revisions”). In such case, ORIX Rentec shall respond appropriately without delay to said request in accordance with all laws and regulations.
  4. Suspension of Use of Held Personal Data
    If a customer requests to have their held personal data removed or its use suspended due to the following reasons (1) or (2), or requests to suspend its provision to third parties due to the following reason (3), ORIX Rentec shall respond appropriately without delay to said request in accordance with all laws and regulations if the company determines that there is an appropriate reason for the request.

    • (1) ORIX Rentec is using the customer's held personal data for purposes other than the aforementioned purposes.
    • (2) The customer's held personal data was not obtained through appropriate and legal means.
    • (3) The provision of the customer's held personal data violates the aforementioned Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties.

If a customer requests notification of purpose of use, disclosure, revision, or suspension of use of held personal data, ORIX Rentec will ask the customer to complete the company’s prescribed identification verification procedures and the company’s designated application procedures. In certain cases this procedure may involve a fee. Please inquire with the “Personal Information Inquiry Contact” below regarding any questions concerning procedures and/or fees.

Personal Information Inquiry Contact

ORIX Rentec Corporation
Personal Information Inquiry Contact
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Closed weekends, national holidays and over the new year period)
Tel: 03-3473-6198


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Latest update: May 30, 2017